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Hey There

Hi! I’m Sarah! The other half of Mills & Mare 

I thought It was about time I introduce myself!

Over the last summer, fall and winter seasons, I have been behind the sewing machine to sew up all the adorable items you all have loved so much. I am so happy to be continuing creating and sewing more amazing products that you all love!

A little about me;

     I grew up and currently live in Durham Region

     I work as a registered nurse in the hospital delivering all
      your beautiful babies!

     I am a mom to 5 rambunctious children
     I’m a crazy chicken lady and have 40+ chickens (but who’s
     counting 🙈)

     I wear my Birkenstocks ALL year. I’d like to think I can rock
     my birks and socks all winter long!

     A few of my passions are sewing, family time and you’ll 
     always find me with a cup of (semi) hot tea!

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