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Sets ($5 savings!)

Sets ($5 savings!)


**We have sold out of the VW bus and camel waffle**

Turn around time is 2-3 weeks.

This will soon become your go-to summer clothing for your little one! Made from the softest french terry or waffle fabrics. Save 5$ when buying a set as apposed to buying items individually. Please choose the style of top and style of bottom you'd like to order. Description of each item is below.TopsTees- fit true to size, so if you are after the oversized look, we recommend to size up!

-Camel Waffle-pocket will automatically be Surfs Up unless customer specifies otherwise in order; - Oxyn Waffle- will automatically be VW BUs unless customer specifies otherwise in order; -Deep Forest/ Birch Waffle- will automatically match the shirt colour unless customer specifies otherwise in order;Swing Tank- fit true to size with the perfect amount of flowBottomsHarem Shorts- Longer/ loose fitting & sits at lower thigh/ just above the kneeShorties- Looser fitting than bummies; sits mid to upper thigh (similar to Harem's but a bit shorter)Bummies- tighter fitting; similar to a diaper cover.

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